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At Riverford we really know our onions. We’ve been growing them (and everything else) organically in Devon for 30 years. Our iconic seasonal veg boxes promise unrivalled flavour: the carrotiest carrots to the sweetest tomatoes, all delivered free to your door. We’ve even won a few awards.

Our veg boxes contain 82% less plastic than equivalent packaged products from major UK supermarkets*.

Riverford helps you reduce your plastic waste. We only use packaging when it's really needed - and much less than the supermarkets. We'll even collect the box from your doorstep to reuse or recycle.

Riverford (left) - Supermarket (right)

Riverford (left) - Supermarket (right)

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We’re farmers ourselves and we always treat other growers fairly, agreeing good prices well in advance and always sticking to those prices no matter what. 

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*Less plastic collectively by weight when we compared the contents of our 3 most popular boxes to the comparable, like for like, packaged produce purchased from 7 major UK supermarkets: Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Aldi, Morrisons and Waitrose. Please note, box contents change every week and can vary in packaging weight, but we will be running this test every quarter for consistency. The box testing was carried out from October 15th through to December 5th 2018.

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